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The Vintage offers respite care for individuals whose dedicated caregivers need a break to rest and rejuvenate. This could give the caregiver a day, weekend, week, or up to 28 days, for personal time. Do you care for a loved one and need a day or two to do things for yourself? Does your situation require you return to work? Let us help by providing respite care, so it is possible for you to enjoy some free time and regain the energy and vitality needed to care lovingly and adequately for your loved one. The rates for a respite stay are provided, for your convenience, in this folder on our rate sheet. Respite care is provided on a first come, first served basis and when room availability allows.

We are also able to provide respite care for individuals in need of rehabilitation services. Vintage on the Ponds is a comfortable, home-like environment unlike some hospital or institutional settings. We are equipped to provide the same intense therapy as other facilities, such as skilled nursing homes, while you enjoy the country setting, beautiful grounds and privacy of your own room. Information about our on-site rehabilitation services is also included in this folder.

All Care Rehabilitation and Wellness services are Medicare certified.